We are proud to offer a variety of women's clothing and accessories, uniquely curated with our customers in mind. We offer items not found on Amazon or at other big box stores, and we often source our clothes from other small businesses, artisans, and makers from around the US and from around the World! Due to the nature of producing some of these handcrafted items (especially, but not limited to jewelry), there could be slight variations in pattern and color. 

Where possible, we highly encourage you to follow the care instruction listed on each item of clothing! If an item does not have explicit care instructions (or you need a quick reference!), here are our go-to care tips for boutique-style clothing:

1. Wash gentle cycle in cold water

2. If an item has buttons/pom-poms/sparkles/etc., fasten all enclosures and turn garment inside-out before washing

3. Lay flat to dry

4. For wrinkle release, always use a garment steamer (do not hot iron). For best results, use distilled water in garment steamer. If you don't have a garment steamer, hang item in the same room while you take a steamy shower!